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Your man's prep for your pregnancy is just as important as yours.

Fertility mini-series: PART 2

When talking about pregnancy prep, fertility, and optimal pregnancy outcomes, it’s important to not forget that preparing your man for your pregnancy well is JUST as important as it is to prepare yourself for pregnancy well.

We all know that the sperm makes up half the baby (of course), but did you know that the sperm also creates the placenta and therefore, can determine the quality of the placenta?

Men’s health is constantly under attack (I mean everyone’s is, but we’re talking specifically about men today).

Some common testosterone suppressors are:

Increases in estrogen

Cortisol - a lot of men are chronically stressed, but aren't able to identify it/are afraid to admit it/don't even know it

High prolactin levels - prolactin is a hormone that creates breast milk in women

Mineral deficiencies that are inhibiting critical enzymes needed to create testosterone

Thyroid issues (typically hypo)

EMFs from cell phones and electronics

Low z*!*n*c + Copper and/or imbalanced Zn/Cu ratio, as z*!*n*c is needed for testosterone production and copper is needed to keep estrogen in balance

… and more

Increasing and supporting your man’s testosterone production will improve his fertility and your positive pregnancy outcomes


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