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Women probably shouldn’t be cold plunging. But let’s talk about it →

Updated: Feb 9

Here’s why I don’t cold plunge myself, or recommend cold plunging for my clients.

The truth is that many women living in today’s society are:

✩ Not eating enough, period

✩ Not eating enough nutrient-dense, mineral-rich foods

✩ Have dysregulated thyroid and metabolic function

✩ Have a low body temperature

✩ Are struggling with some sort of fertility impairment

✩ Are sick/stressed/overwhelmed

And the list goes on.

There’s also a lot of other factors that determine whether or not frequent cold plunging is optimal:

✩ Is it summer? Or is the environment appropriate? A dip in a cold stream on a hot summer day, ending your shower with cold water, or a quick plunge in a cold lake after a hot tub or sauna session is different than just going right into a cold plunge.

✩ Are you sick? If you’re sick at all or feel like you could be getting sick, cold plunging should be avoided for obvious reasons.

✩ Are you going from a very warm environment (sauna or hot tub) to the cold plunge? Or are you just going straight in the cold plunge? That matters (learned this from @drbenlynch)

I would never recommend starting your health journey by cold-plunging. If you are just starting your health journey, I’d recommend starting with the information I share on my page: eating real/nourishing/warming REAL foods, avoiding seed oils + low-quality animal products, focusing on minerals, focusing on creating a sense of safety in your body, and working on building up your fertility.

Remember: you can do whatever your heart desires. If you love cold plunging, keep doing you. This post exists to explain why I do not recommend cold plunging to my clients, members, or followers in the middle of their healing journey, and why I’m not partaking in it myself.

Not medical advice, as always


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