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If you do one thing in 2024, stop drinking tap water

To some of you, this might seem like the most basic post ever. You stopped drinking tap water years ago, and so you assume everyone else has, too. (At least this was me 🥲)

But it is actually quite shocking how many people are still drinking tap water!

What I’ve found is that most people simply don’t know just how toxic and harmful tap water is. Others do know, but have a misconception that water filters are too expensive and just not worth it to buy.

The average American drinks about 4 cups of water per day. That’s about 4300 cups per year.

We spend about 48 hours in the shower each year, and a coffee drinker drinks an average of 1100 cups per year.

That’s A LOT of water. Not to mention tea, other drinks, water used in cooking, given to pets, used for baths, etc.

If all of that water is unfiltered tap water that we’re consuming and bathing in, imagine how high and consistent our exposure to harmful chemicals and substances is.

I would say this is a “foundational” piece to health. If you are doing a lot of other things for your health, but still drinking tap water, I would highly recommend making this your priority.

Water filters can absolutely be affordable, and are worth making sacrifices for! I once chose a water filter over a rug when budgeting for decorating/outfitting a new house, and I still believe it was 100% worth it.

This post was not sponsored by @clearly_filtered. I just love them that much (I am affiliated, so if you purchase through my links I make a small commission which helps make posts like these possible)

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