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Your life changes every month, every season, + every year. So why wouldn't your body?

Why have we been conditioned to believe that everything in life can and will change around us, but our bodies are supposed to be this stationary thing that never budges?’

There are so many factors that impact our lives, whether positive or negative, that then have a strong possibility of impacting our bodies.

Even changes as simple as aging have profound impacts on our bodies.

I’m turning 28 in two weeks, and I *still* feel like my body is developing a more womanly shape as the years go on.

I feel like my legs/hips/and thighs are *still* moving more into position to have a baby.

I have a protective layer directly over my reproductive organs that I didn’t have in adolescence, because my body knows how important it is to keep those organs safe as I’m in my prime child-bearing years.

It would honestly be creepy of me to want my high school (child) body back, because I was a *child*.

Now I am a woman, and I understand the function and important of my current body and would not want to go back to my adolescent body.

The truth is, once we’ve gone through an experience - whether physical, emotional, mental, or all three, we are no longer the same.

Expecting our bodies to not reflect that is unrealistic and unfair. It puts so much stress on us and opens the door for comparison, negative self-talk, and low self-confidence.

We can fight the changes, or just accept them. Accepting them is much more freeing.


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