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Your Body Wants To Heal

Just your friendly reminder that no matter where you are on your health journey and no matter how much “damage” you feel like you’ve done to your body through restrictive eating, crazy dieting, birth control, toxic products, etc. you are not “damaged beyond repair”.

Your body WANTS to heal. God designed the body to be resilient.

Of course, nutrition pays a big part in this. But the biggest piece, as I’ve learned recently, is mindset.

It took me SO long to figure this out, but once I finally made the effort to re-wire my brain from default-negative to default-positive thoughts and prayers, I started experiencing tremendous progress.

It looks like this when it comes to self-talk:

Ugh, I’ve made so much progress, but I can’t figure out my skin! My acne is terrible! ➡️ I have healed so much, and my skin continues to heal as I heal my body. I see my acne as a sign that I’ve made a lot of progress but I have just a couple more areas to improve. I’m thankful that areas of improvement are being revealed to me through my skin! Otherwise I may not know.

My hair is so thin ever since I lost so much last year! It used to be so thick! I hate how much it’s changed and that I did that to myself through restrictive eating ➡️ My hair is growing back! Slowly but surely. I’m so thankful I figured out the source of my hair loss and that my baby hairs are coming in hot!

And it looks like this when it comes to prayer:

God, please heal me. I’m nowhere close to where I want to be and still have so far to go. I don’t understand why this happened to me and how I let myself destroy my body so much. ➡️ God, thank you for healing me. You have already healed me and provided me what I need by creating a body that you designed to heal.

Why is this important? Because your thoughts BECOME you. The more negativity you speak to your soul, the more you will become those thoughts. The longer you will live in a place of deprivation.

Freeing yourself through your thoughts and self-talk is one of the most powerful and empowering things you can do on your healing journey.


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