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For women in reproductive years, that is (men are on a different hormonal cycle, so this is specifically for women).

When it comes to hormones and gut health, (and the fact that healthy hormones begin in the gut)… we need to take a step even further back, and we need to start with our metabolism.

Our metabolism is the fire that keeps our bodies burning and going throughout the day. A healthy metabolism is REQUIRED for a healthy body temperature. Strong metabolism/healthy body temperature is responsible for women being able to maintain a healthy weight without weight fluctuations, for healthy hormones and ovulations, and consistent energy and mood stabilization.

Signs that you have down-regulated your metabolism and are living in a state of metabolic and hormonal stress are:

1️⃣You’re pushing yourself to fast when you’re hungry (aka trying to wait until 11am to eat breakfast)

2️⃣You are hangry and shaky by the time you eat a meal

3️⃣You are going to bed hungry (on purpose or on accident)

4️⃣You’ve been super low carb/keto for years

5️⃣You’re not eating enough (1200-1500 calories per day does NOT cut it)

6️⃣ You’re waking up throughout the night and wake up in the AM feeling tired, groggy, & not hungry

“BUT ANNIKA…. I’m not even hungry in the morning because my body ‘naturally’ wants to fast. I’d have to force myself to eat!”

Yes, exactly! You’re proving my point. Not being hungry in the morning is a sign that your metabolism is in the toilet.

Why? Because waking up not hungry means your body has had to sustain itself through the night on cortisol/stress hormones (and is another reason you feel like crap when you wake up).

Just think about it like this… if you were to go through the day without eating for 12-14 hours, wouldn’t you be starving? Exactly. You would. So what makes this different about the night? If we aren’t waking up hungry, something’s up.

The longer we stay in this fasted, cortisol and stress-fueled state, the longer our body is going to be stressed, perceive danger, and keep us in “starvation mode”, AKA.. bad news.


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