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The Benefits of Gelatin

With all the hype around gelatin and gelatin gummies right now, let’s talk about WHY eating gelatin and OTHER sources of protein besides just muscle meats from animals is SO IMPORTANT.

Benefits of gelatin include:

✅ A great digestive aide

✅ Heals the lining of the GI system and has been successfully used in treating IBS, intestinal disorders, colitis, and Chron’s disease (Nourishing Traditions, Fallon, P. 116) @sally

✅ A good source of protein

✅ Builds beautiful hair, skin, and nails

✅ Supports liver function and detoxification

✅ A great source of the amino acid glycine, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (NCBI) and is needed to help balance excess methionine

✅PREGNANCY: “…supports the growth of your baby’s skeleton, teeth, internal organs, hair, skin, nails, and the synthesis of fetal DNA. Plus, it is necessary to support your own stretching skin, growing uterus, placenta, and to help your circulatory system adapt to the demands of pregnancy (some research suggests it may help prevent pre-eclampsia)” (source: @lilynicholsrdn)

Consuming too many muscle meats can lead to imbalance of methionine (an amino acid) in the body. An over-abundance of methionine in relation to other amino acids like glycine (found in gelatin) can negatively effect methylation within the body.

Good methylation is needed for DNA production, detoxification, ESTROGEN METABOLISM (which is what we’re all here for right?!) and more. So it’s important! (@strong.sistas are a great resource on this)

In order to avoid a methionine-overload, I always make an effort to pair a muscle meat with another source of animal protein such as *GELATIN GUMMIES*, organ meats, bone broth, or collagen.

I hope you enjoy this gelatin gummy recipe, and in 100% transparency, using guava juice was not my favorite. I prefer using @lakewoodorganic lemonade or cherry juice!


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