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Struggling with fertility? It could be male factor: Male Fertility 101

PSA: your man is JUST AS RESPONSIBLE in your fertility journey as you are.

Yep. It takes two to tango, and frankly, I’m really tired of seeing women beat themselves up and break themselves down in an effort to get pregnant while their man stands there with a Big Mac and a beer, patting his wife on the back saying “we’ll try again next month, honey”

Now I know this is not the case for all men, so I’m not trying to be harsh here, but this is quite a serious problem that I’m starting to see far too often.

I also do know that men take this topic to heart - many of them feel emasculated when the topic of their fertility feels threatened. The intent of this post is not to make them feel worse.

Although there are many obvious factors to infertility (poor diet, toxins, etc.) there are many underlying and not-so-obvious factors behind male infertility as well:

Low Testosterone

Excess Estrogen

Cell Phone in pocket

Energy drinks


Poor liver function/detoxification

Poor/Inadequate Sleep

I believe that as a society, there is an assault on men going down. If you look up “how to increase testosterone” Medical News Today articles will tell you that men need to eat more SOY and cruciferous vegetables, and ditch the meat and dairy. HOW IS THAT REAL LIFE.

Men, it’s time to take your power back. And ladies, if he isn’t putting in the effort, it’s time for him to step up.

Pro-metabolic accounts to follow that have info for men/geared towards men:


The work of Dr. Ray Peat


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