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Recipe: Valentine's Cupcakes

Strawberry Valentine’s Cupcakes 😋

The best part of this recipe? NO RED DYE 40 NEEDED.

Swipe ➡️ for the recipe, and to find out what’s hiding in most store-bought cupcakes.

During holidays, a lot of food fear can creep in for those who are dieting, because the sweets galore and the sugar just gets too tempting. If you were anything like me, I was TERRIFIED of holidays like valentines day, because I knew I was going to be surrounded by these tempting sweets, but they were “off limits”.

Remember, it’s never about foods being “good” or “bad”. It’s about the ingredients.

I used to label cupcakes, cookies, pizza, pasta, and more as “bad” - across the board, just bad. I avoided them at all costs until I couldn’t couldn’t control myself anymore, and then gave into a major binge.

I never took the ingredients into consideration though, and ingredients are EVERY 👏 THING 👏

Your body, metabolism, and blood sugar is going to have a much different experience consuming the cupcake recipe in this post vs. these synthetic disease bombs that can be purchased at the store


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