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Recipe: Pad Thai

Pad Thai Recipe Reveal + Fusion Cookbook Details are here!

And the best part…. Fusion launches exactly 3 weeks from today on March 25th!

I can’t wait to share another metabolism-supporting, nourishing, PUFA-free cookbook with you all!

If you’re new here, I have two cookbooks already (links are in my bio) - Med•abolic (Mediterranean) and Harvest (Fall + Winter comfort foods).

Fusion is my next creation, which is a fusion (😜), of Latin and Asian recipes and is launching on March 25.

All the details and the first recipe reveal of this delicious Pad Thai are in this post. Swipe ➡️ for details!

Enjoy! I can’t wait to share the rest with you very soon!

PS - let me know if you make this and what you think if you do


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