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Recipe: Folate Oatmeal Cookies

Folate Oatmeal Cookie recipe for you today 😋 and a mini crash course on folate vs. folic acid. (Swipe ➡️)

Most of us know why folate is so important, but if you need a quick reminder:

Folate is needed for:

•Cell growth + function

•Red blood cell formation

•Optimal metabolism of carbohydrates

For pregnancy, folate is needed for:

•Preventing neural tube defects

•Increasing birth weight

•May prevent miscarriage

•May prevent mental retardation + deformations

We run into trouble when we fall for the lie that folate is the same as folic acid. Unfortunately, in the medical/healthcare industry, folate and folic acid are used interchangeably as if it’s the same thing. IT IS NOT THE SAME THING.

Folic acid is the *synthetic* version of folate. And there’s a problem with that:

It’s estimated that about 60% of the population isn’t able to convert folic acid into folate due to a genetic variant known as MTHFR.

Additionally, folic acid blocks the uptake of REAL folate, which can create a deficiency of folate in the body. Makes sense, huh?

As always, we’re better off sticking with the real version of what God created. It’s like He knew what He was doing or something 😂

*as always, not medical advice*


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