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Let's talk about s*x + libido.

Let’s talk libido, v*ginal numbness, and pain during s*x.

These are all things that many women struggle with, or don’t even know they struggle with and just think something is wrong with them.

But here’s the thing… like many other things in life, enjoying s*x is something that requires more than just nutrition… it’s a full mind, body, and spiritual experience and needs to be treated as such.

Nutrition is absolutely the foundation (bc if you’re not meeting your body’s basic needs, then forget about it!), but it’s just the first step.

I’m DEFINITELY not a s*x expert, but given that I’ve struggled with both dyspareunia and numbness thanks to my history of endometriosis, I have had to work through a lot of these things and so I’m just sharing what I’ve learned!

If you have low libido, v*ginal numbness, or pain during intercourse, you are not broken.

It's common but not normal, and it should be addressed (because you deserve to enjoy s*x).

It’s also important to remember that s*x isn't just a physical act.

It's an emotional and spiritual experience.

Treating s*x casually, like a disposable act for primal "needs" only will never be satisfying or fulfilling.

Casual s*x isn't fulfilling, because it lacks the emotional and spiritual piece. If we want it to be good, we have to embrace all aspects of it and work hard for it.

PS - I hope I blocked out s*x and v*gina every time so that this post doesn’t get censored 😅


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