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In order to heal, the need for external validation has to go.

I have a mini rant today in post form, lol.

This post is not to complain about questions I’ve received recently, because I totally get why women are asking these questions. We’ve been taught our entire lives to ignore our body at all costs, and get “permission” from “authorities” on what we can and cannot do.

I’m ALL about learning, as everyone here probably knows. We have to learn to understand our bodies and how to heal from the all the years of incorrect diet and lifestyle information we’ve been fed.

But things start to get out of hand real quick when we have to ask permission and are constantly seeking external validation for every health decision we make.

To be honest, about 50% of the questions I get in my DMs, and even some of my questions from clients, I can’t answer at all, or at least can’t fully answer.

I used to try to answer them, until I realized YOU are the only person that can answer some questions, because they are about your life and your body.

Another thing we repeatedly to do ourselves, to our disadvantage, is over-stress and over-analyze every single shift in our bodies.

I think as women, when we finally start to tune into our bodies, it can be easy to over-correct. We go from being completely disconnected, to completely obsessed with every shift and every nuance in our health.

Again, I’m not pointing fingers because I have been here! And I totally get it!

But I also get the amount of unnecessary stress it can add to our healing. There are times, especially when the body is going through an adjust phase, that things just have to… adjust.

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