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In my “I’ll do it next spring” era.

If you’ve been following me, you know I am the queen of advocating for slowing down.

You can find a post from me that recommends slowing down in every season, because there’s so many benefits to less craziness in our lives.

However, winter in particular is an entire season that’s asking us to rest with less sunlight, colder temperatures, and the constant feminine urge to do things like bake, decorate for the season, and light candles.

If we act the same way year-round, and don’t take time to just chill, we will never be able to have seasons of crazy productivity, reach our big goals, and go hard, because WE ARE HUMAN and will eventually burn out.

Ignoring an entire season, as we do in modern society focused only on constant output, will take a toll eventually.

Yes, I know we can’t just disappear into our kitchens for the winter and not work, but implementing slowness into your life in the ways you can during this season will greatly benefit you and your family.


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