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How toxic is your makeup?

Imagine putting on a full face of makeup with 200+ chemicals, every day.

Imagine what that would do to your health over time.

No good diet and healthy lifestyle can compensate for saturating your skin in chemicals that are plastered to your face for 12-16 hours a day.

Every day that we apply conventional makeup, skincare, and beauty products to our skin, we are saturating ourselves with a soup of dangerous toxins that are all linked to diseases and dangerous health impacts.

And yet we wonder why cancer/estrogen dominance, birth defects, allergies, and autoimmune diseases are at an all time high?

Swipe through ➡️ to check out the common toxins in conventional beauty products.

It’s obvious we need to ditch the toxins, but who else has been through the ringer trying to find clean makeup that actually works?! Cause let me tell you… there’s some stuff out there that just doesn’t do the job 😂

After years of searching and trying *a lot* of different products, my recommendation is @arazabeauty. They’re a small company owned by two sisters. All products are gluten free, pregnancy-safe, and 100% MADE IN THE USA (this is a big one for me)!


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