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Happy Summer to everyone except "nutritionists" who demonize fruit.

It was me! I was this nutritionist!

This post is just basically making fun of my past self, because I 100% used to be “that” nutritionist.

YEP. I was that nutritionist who preached about how bad fruits were because “FrUiT hAS SuGaR”. And God FORBID we freely give our body its preferred source of fuel. I mean, that’s just logic and I didn’t do logic back in those days… yikes.

(Keep in mind, this was while I was doing a combination of keto, paleo, and low FODMAP, so clearly I was just… not doing well in the head. Talk about the definition of needing some sugar. 😬)

I know I’m not the only one that did this though. You all have probably seen lots of nutritionists “warning” against the “dangers” of fruit. STILL. People are STILL on this train.

This is another diet culture lie that is straight up wrong, detrimental, and needs to go.

Swipe ➡️ to learn why fruit is incredibly important in a well-rounded nutrient-dense diet, and for some impressive micronutrient stats on our favorite summer fruits.

PS - just because a fruit isn’t included on here doesn’t mean it’s bad or not as good. I’m just not able to cover every single fruit.

If you’re curious about a specific fruit, you can look it up on google or use chronometer to see the micronutrient profile!

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