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Female physiology was not designed for the 8-5 grind.

PART 1: The female physiology was not designed for the 8-5 grind.

I want to start off by saying this post is NOT for you if you are happy and thriving in your 8-5, you like the schedule, it brings you joy, and is contributing to your health.

This post is for the ladies out there who feel like they can’t keep their head above water with their 8-5 grind. The ones who feel burnt out, exhausted, at the end of their rope, and on the verge of a breakdown at every minute.

It’s not because you’re crazy… it’s because your physiology is actually begging you to stop.

You’re not burnt out because you’re “weak”. You have been programmed into thinking that this is the way it has to be, and you just have to suck it up & deal with it. But your body says otherwise. You’re burnt out because your body has had enough.

Women are cyclical beings through & through. We operate on two different rhythms:

1️⃣ The circadian rhythm, which controls our sleep wake-cycle (24 hours)

2️⃣ The infradian rhythm, which controls our hormones (28 days)

^^ credit to @alisa.vitti

While yes, men are also cyclical to an extent, they have the same hormone pattern day in and day out. The circadian rhythm dictates their sleep-wake cycle AND their hormone cycle. This means their tolerance to the same work schedule day in and day out is going to be higher than women’s, who are NOT on a 24 hour hormone cycle.

Let me be clear: IT IS NOT BETTER OR WORSE TO BE FEMALE. It’s just different.

It is what it is, and learning to live and love with this cycle instead of ignoring it and fighting against it is one of the absolute foundations of achieving optimal female health.

In the words of @jessicaashwellness , women are not small men, and trying to act like we are is doing a number on all of us.

PS - I would even venture to say that men aren’t necessarily designed for this, but that’s a topic for another time 😅

PSS - I know this post has the potential to elicit some rude responses so please be aware that I will not hesitate to block if I need to 🙂 we’re all about the friendly discussions on here, but no rude or hurtful comments will be tolerated.


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