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Ditch your diagnosis. Your dis-ease is not your identity.

Ditch your diagnosis. Your disease is not your identity!

Fixating on a diagnosis can create a situation where we're only addressing the body as individual parts - not the whole system.

It can also create a vicious cycle of symptom suppression and adverse reaction whack-a-mole. A symptom-suppressing medication or procedure may offer us temporarily relief, but usually not without another symptom or negative side effect popping up somewhere else.

When we approach a diagnosis with an all-or-nothing mindset of symptom suppression at all costs, we ignore what the body is quietly begging us to pay attention to, or even screaming at us to pay attention to. The goal is getting to the root of the root cause.

Dis-ease in the body is rooted in metabolic dysfunciton. Taking a metabolic-healing path as opposed to a western symptoms suppression path is the only way to find true healing.

God designed your body to heal.

Healing is quite literally in your skin & bones. It's your very identity. You are wired for healing, no matter how much "damage" you have done to yourself.

If we cut ourselves, break our arm, or tear a muscle, we never question its ability to heal.

What makes our thyroid condition, or endometriosis diagnosis, or our constipation any different?

You just need the right tools, and the ultimate tool is high-functioning metabolism.

If you find yourself stuck in a place of misunderstanding with your body and the feeling of hopelessness, repeat after me:

God designed my body to heal.

I am not broken, I am not beyond repair.

My disease is not my identity.

*NOT medical advice*

PS - I know I only scratched the surface in the examples of things that can be done to treat dis-eases and conditions in the body. These are simply examples of some of the routes we can take to heal!


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