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Coming Soon: Eat Your Prenatal

We are about a month out from the launch of Eat Your Prenatal, and I wanted to cover our two most frequently asked questions on the eBook.

1️⃣ What if I have nausea/morning sickness with pregnancy and can’t eat? Shouldn’t I take a prenatal?

First off, we really want to emphasize that while you may be taking a prenatal vitamin, that does not mean that your body is actually absorbing any of it.

That is the exact reason why we’ve created this eBook. Most vitamins + minerals in prenatal vitamins are in such poor forms, that your body is not able to absorb or utilize the nutrients from them.

Second, some of the nutrients in your prenatal may actually be the cause of your nausea in the first place! Iron, for example, has been directly correlated to nausea in pregnancy, which can be mistaken for morning sickness (source:

Maybe your prenatal is what’s causing your nausea, and eating a nutrient-dense diet with targeted supplements is actually the solution you’ve been searching for!

2️⃣ Would it still benefit me to purchase this eBook if I know I want to take a prenatal regardless?

ABSOLUTELY. What we teach in Eat Your Prenatal is how to eat for ultimate and optimal fertility. We believe every woman (and man, for that matter) should be eating a fertility diet, regardless of what kind of prenatal or multivitamin you decide to take.

If you go through this eBook and still feel more comfortable taking a prenatal, that’s absolutely fine. We’ll even provide some recommendations for the best prenatals on the market at the end of the book.

However, you’ll still walk away knowing and understanding how to cover the essential nutrients for your prenatal nutrition through diet and targeted supplements.


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