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Alcohol consumption raises estrogen levels, impairs liver + thyroid function, and increases anxiety.

Alcohol consumption raises estrogen levels, impairs liver + thyroid function, and leads to increased anxiety.

My relationship with alcohol consumption has been… interesting. I definitely went through a phase where I drank once or twice a week in college, and blacked out every.single.time. (I prefer to not think about those days #cringe)

I choose not to drink much any more, if at all. For me personally, the almost non-existent benefits do not outweigh the long list of negatives.

As someone who is still healing from estrogen dominance + endometriosis, the last thing I need is to be regularly raising my estrogen levels.

I believe that the only people who can get away with regular alcohol consumption are people that have no chronic symptoms, are not on a healing journey, don’t have any undesirable symptoms at all. And even then, I don’t think it needs to be a part of daily life.

But what about the benefits? One of the most common benefits we hear of when it comes to alcohol are red wine’s high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols.

Two other foods that are quite high in polyphenol content are carrots + olive oil. If you have a raw carrot salad daily and use olive oil from time to time on your raw carrot salad, you’re getting the benefits of polyphenols without the estrogenic effects of the wine. In fact, you’re gettin anti-estrogen effects. A win-win in my book!

Friendly reminder: as with all content on my page, this post is my opinion based on my own personal experience, my research, and my work with clients.

If you don’t agree and enjoy consuming alcohol, and feel fine consuming higher amounts of alcohol - you do you! You don’t have to use the comments to try to convince me otherwise. Respectful discussions only or you will be blocked.

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