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A lesson from chickens: why we need winter

A lesson from chickens: why we need winter 🥚🤍

During winter, hens in colder climates stop laying eggs (or at least as many eggs as they do in the warmer months).

This is because the shorter days and colder temperatures tell their bodies to rest.

There are tips and tricks on the internet to keep your chickens laying throughout winter.

But, if you let your chickens have time off, they will live longer and lay eggs longer than if they don’t have a winter laying break.

Why do we think we’re any different as humans? That we don’t need a season of rest in order to have seasons of productivity and avoid burnout?

Chickens don’t lay eggs year-round. Flowers don’t bloom year-round. Trees don’t have leaves year-round. Bears hibernate in the winter.

Seasons of growth, productivity, and energy only follow seasons of rest.

In the spring, chickens will start laying eggs again.

Flowers will bloom, and trees will leaf out.

But for now, I’m leaning into a season of rest instead of fighting it.

So that I have the energy to create and grow in a season where my body is designed for a faster pace.

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