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Your v*gina is self-cleaning.

Yes, that’s right! Your v*gina is self-cleaning, self-lubricating, and has its own microbiome! Another amazing feature of the female body that is best when left alone.

We’ve been taught to wash, douche, wax, laser, shove tampons and cups up in there, use scented lubes, perfumes, fragrance, etc.

In turn we’re struggling with lots of discomfort - itching, odors, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and the list goes on.

V*ginal health and wellness is so important, and often times, totally overlooked. We think products are the key to a thriving v*gina, but really, less is more.

Check out my stories and my highlight “V*ginal Health”, cause I’m going to continue the conversation there!

I am going to link all of my favorite products and resources, as well as doing a Q+A on the topic!

*never medical advice - always consult with your doctor*


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