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Your skin is a direct reflection of your health.


I will be transparent in saying that acne is one of the most complicated imbalances in the body, and the root causes can vary greatly from person to person.

The single biggest thing that I have learned in my acne journey, in the words of @jessicaashwellness, is that *TRULY* the only way out, is through.

Shortcuts, creams, accutane, antibiotics, extreme diets, removing dairy, etc. will never heal your acne. They are bandaid approaches at best and usually only make your underlying condition worse & worse.

Some people are more pre-disposed to acne, or "acne-prone", and I fall into that category. However, this DOES NOT mean that some people have acne and that's just the way it is. And that we need to just accept it and try to move on with our life.

There is a big movement to normalize acne. Normalizing acne is an oxymoron because it's like saying "normalize diabetes"... You don’t normalize something that is IS NOT NORMAL just because a lot of people are suffering from it.

Yes, acne is common. It might even seem normal, but it is NOT. Chronic acne is the body screaming for help.

If you are suffering from chronic acne, something is going on internally.

But please hear this: that does not mean that it's not sometimes a necessary detox reaction, a healing phase, or an adjustment period. Many, many people go through skin purges, adjustments to healing diets, etc., and that's understandable.

But unrelenting, chronic acne that continuously gets worse (like mine), is something that needs to be addressed.

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST before asking questions. Be sure to check my stories, my “Acne” highlight, and my next two posts where I will probably answer more of your questions. To see what I’ll be talking about in my next post, see slide 10 of this post where I preview what I cover next.

I understand this is a complex and intriguing topic, but I won’t be able to answer personal acne and health questions over IG.

*not medical advice*


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