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You Know You're Following Diet Culture When...

Are you still allowing diet culture to make WEIRD rules in your life when it comes to your eating and living habits?!

Are you doing it in the name of “intuitive eating” or “data collection” (AKA obsessively counting calories when there’s no reason to do it)?

Are you still weighing yourself EVERY MORNING? And is there even a logical reason to know your precise weight, every morning?! Seriously. How does this make sense?

Has your “intuitive eating” become intentional fasting?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you probably have some bizarre food rule that diet culture taught you years ago, that you still feel you need to hold onto for some reason.

If you answered yes, I want you to ask yourself why.

WHY are you holding onto these rules and guidelines? What message are they subconsciously sending your body, over and over and over?

Usually, it’s things like:

❌I don’t trust you

❌You need to be monitored

❌You are broken

❌You aren’t doing what you’re supposed to

❌You’re working against me

❌You need to earn your food

❌You’re not worthy of being nourished

When we repeatedly give our bodies these messages through our actions, we will eventually believe and become them.

Yes, our thoughts are *that* powerful, and our actions from those thoughts are even more powerful.

Is there a LOGICAL reason why you shouldn’t eat after 6pm? What if you’re hungry after dinner? What if you’re in your luteal phase, where your appetite has naturally increased? What if you were extra stressed that day?

All of these reasons are LOGICAL reasons to eat after 6pm. It would be ILLOGICAL to ignore our body for a ridiculous food rule.

I know it’s hard to love your body on every step of a difficult journey. You don’t have to love your body and your situation every step of the way. But you do have to respect your basic human physiological needs.

If you can’t apply love to your situation, please just start by applying LOGIC. Love will follow later, but you have to let yourself off the mat first.


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