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You Don't Need to Drink MORE Water


Probably. But not for the reasons you may think.

Drinking tons and tons of water every day has become a huge *thing* in the wellness industry. The idea behind it is great, but the way it’s being carried out is not only useless, but is actually counterproductive (AKA drinking TOO much water and NO minerals).

Here’s what’s going wrong when you’re drinking gallons of mineral-depleted, chemically-altered water:

1️⃣ The entire reason that we drink water is for the minerals/electrolytes. Water is *supposed* to be a mineral-rich beverage, but unless you have a very fancy and expensive water filter that removes toxins and adds minerals back in, you’re likely not getting the minerals you need from your water.

2️⃣ Most water these days is absolute 💩. Tap water is the worst, as it’s usually filled with chemicals and neurotoxins like chlorine and fluoride. And sorry to break it to you, but most fridge filters are crap, too. (Except for @clearly_filtered)

3️⃣ Every time you pee, you lose minerals. This is where the “counterproductive” piece of drinking too much water comes into play. If you’re chugging mineral-poor and chemical-rich water, you’re going to be peeing constantly. Every time you pee, you lose minerals.

4️⃣ Drinking too much water that is devoid of minerals and is causing you to frequently urinate is actually MAKING you dehydrated!

5️⃣ You should really only be peeing 4-6 times per day. NOT 10+ times and multiple times per night.

If you’re confused and thought you were doing the right thing by drinking a gallon of water every day, don’t worry! Here’s what you can do:

1️⃣ Purchase a water filter. I don’t believe you can heal while drinking tap water. I recommend Berkey Filters, Zero Water, or reverse osmosis systems. HOWEVER. These filtration units strip chemicals & all/most minerals out of the water, so you need to add them back in.

2️⃣ You can add minerals back in by using @tracemineralsresearch Trace Mineral Drops.

3️⃣ Other beverages are great sources of minerals such as @noellekovary’s Detox Tea or @innatefunctionalnutrition’s Adrenal Cocktail (I will link them in my stories). Same with coconut water, OJ, bone broth, etc.


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