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Why I ditched tampons & menstrual cups.

Tampons and menstrual cups: convenient or harmful?

This isn’t necessarily a black and white topic - some people seem to do fine with tampons and menstrual cups.

But I sure didn’t, and I think there’s a chance that many women might not do well with these things either, but most of us don’t give them a second thought.

Yes, they’re convenient, yes, there are clean, toxin-free, and there are organic options, but does that necessarily make them the best thing for us?

I found that I do much, much better without using these items in a multitude of ways. Swipe to learn why. ➡️

The only thing that’s extremely black & white with this topic is the quality of products used. Conventional tampons are some of the most toxic items I’ve seen, and to think we’re inserting them into our body’s most sensitive and absorptive area is really scary.

If you’re going to use penetrative menstrual products, just make sure they are clean and organic, and that your body does okay with them.


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