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Why I choose breast thermography over mammograms

Sharing all about my experience with breast thermography! Swipe to learn ➡️

I had my first breast/upper body thermogram in August 2022, and I had a great experience.

My only other experience of breast imaging was in 2013, when I had an ultra sound for a suspicious and very painful lump (I was only 18 at the time).

The results of the ultrasound told me the lump ”looked fine”, and that it was “just fibrocystic breast tissue”. They sent me on my way with no further explanation of the risks.

I sometimes wonder if they had told me in 2013 that that my breast lump was NOT normal, that fibrocystic breasts are NOT normal, and that I should look further into the issue, if I would have discovered my endo sooner and could have began supporting my body better sooner, where I would be now...

This is why I think breast thermography is so important, and why so many women can benefit from it, especially anyone with diagnosed or suspected estrogen dominance issues.

If you’re interested in getting a thermogram done, it is really easy to find a breast thermogram center near you. Just google "breast thermograms near me”, and you’ll likely have more than one option to choose from!

PS: If you are local to Colorado, I went to The Thermogram Center and had an amazing experience.

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