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Why an entire generation of women are on birth control

Have you ever wondered why an entire generation of women are on birth control?

It’s really not a mystery when you think about it:

We’ve been scared into thinking that we can get pregnant any day of the month.

Celebrities are used to market birth control to women, and are in trendy fun commercials that have at least one minute of warnings listed, but no one takes them seriously.

Health providers VERY RARELY (not to say it never happens) sit us down and inform us of all the possible adverse events we may encounter while on hormonal birth control. Let alone what it’s like to get off the pill and the possibility of experiencing post-birth control syndrome.

We joke about birth control (look up birth control memes on google - it’s insane). We don’t treat it like we’re taking a serious medication, and who could blame us? We haven’t been warned how serious it really is!

We’ve been told it’s normal to feel absolutely horrible on birth control both mentally and physically, so we just laugh it off and keep pushing through when we feel like we’re dying inside.

Then, if we decide we want to talk to a provider about it, they’re literally taught to “reassure” us that it’s “normal” or “will go away with time”, or change our dose or BC prescription (see slide 7 of this post).

It DOES take commitment and dedication to learn natural family planning, but given the pros and cons, I fully believe that it’s worth it for every woman to take charge of their own health and fertility, because no one else is going to do it for us.

See my “birth control” highlight for more.


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