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What is beauty in today's society?

We have come so far from the true definition of beauty, beauty foods, and beauty practices. It’s no wonder why being a woman in today’s society is so confusing and frustrating.

It’s no wonder why we fall into the endless trap of comparison, envy, and depression when scrolling on social media.

It’s no wonder why plastic surgery and botox is on the rise, when all we see are edited women and the only way to become like them is to undergo face and body modifications.

We’re being coerced into believing that beauty foods are things like fake meat, tons of nuts and seeds, salads, and vegetables.

We’ve lost touch with the real beauty foods that our great grandmother’s used to eat that kept them looking beautiful for all their years:



Bone Broth


Organ Meats

Real Meat

Raw Dairy


Ice Cream

Sea Food

Root Vegetables


Overall, we’ve simply lost touch.

The only way to be set free from this web of lies is to start saying no to everything fake they’re trying to sell us - boobs, faces, foods, meat, etc.

The sooner we stop these industries from profiting off of our insecurities, the sooner we are free.

True beauty is health and happiness, and that can’t be bought.


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