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What I eat In a day

What I eat in a day!

I change it up on the daily, but mostly I keep it realllll easy. I do a protein + fat + carb at every single meal. Sometimes that’s as easy as some meal-prepped meat, meal-prepped squash, and some coconut water.

I do love making recipes and being creative in the kitchen, but when I’m not specifically recipe testing or making a cookbook, most of my days look like this because I like to keep it simple.

Remember that you need to take your own physiology/physical activity into account! I am 5’2”, about 115-120lbs (not 100% sure because I haven’t weighed myself in over a year and a half - best decision ever BTW!), and I’m very physically active which is why I have higher protein needs.

If you are taller than me, breastfeeding, pregnant, a mom running after kids all day, you will likely need more than me! This isn’t one size fits all.

The only supplement I included in this was vitamin E. Otherwise, I did not count my magnesium, shilajit, etc.

The app I use to track my food (when I do- which is rare now that I know what my body needs) is Cronometer.

For the record, I do not think food should be tracked every day unless you have very specific goals or very specific needs.


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