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What Are We Doing?

I’m still seeing people eating big bowls of garbanzo bean pasta topped with “creamy cashew cauliflower alfredo” in the name of healing.

And ladies… all I have to say is JUST STOP.

You realize you’re eating a massive bowl of beans and nuts, right?

I can’t believe we’ve been sold this scam and that we’ve bought into it at the expense of our health for SOOO LONG.

God FORBID you eat a plate of real pasta and Alfredo sauce, but eating a bowl full of garbanzo beans with mashed up cashews makes total sense 🙄

God FORBID you drink real milk. Instead, make sure to consume copious amounts of almonds blended with water and thickeners and stabilizers and artificial sweeteners. 🙄

My brother used to say to me, as I’d cry almost on the daily about my thousands of health issues, “why don’t you just eat like a normal freaking person.”

… I ate my cauliflower oatmeal with almond butter for breakfast…

I wish I’d listened to him sooner 😅

When I started eating more like a “normal person” (and no I don’t mean the standard American diet. I mean like how my great grandma would have eaten), my health started changing so damn fast that I could hardly keep up with it.

Please just take a look at what you’re doing and ask yourself if it makes sense.

If you have a dairy issue, figure out WHY. Don’t substitute with freaking almond milk and cashew Alfredo. You may experience immediate relief from dairy issues, but at the expense of your gut health, thyroid health, hormonal health, etc.

I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but please just apply common sense to the situation 😂 I held onto lies for dear life for way too long. The sooner we give these up, the sooner we’ll all feel better.

Drink the damn milk, eat the real Alfredo. That’s ACTUALLY how it was meant to be.


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