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Weighing yourself obsessively gives you zero valuable information about your health.

The scale causes women on healing journeys so much more harm than good.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard from clients “I’m feeling good, but I gained 2lbs this week”

Or “I’m feeling good, and I even lost 1lb!!”

This is not helpful information, as our weight naturally fluctuates throughout our menstrual cycle, and also, because we are simply human.

The scale also doesn’t give us any information regarding whether this weight is actual body fat or water retention. The scale doesn’t send you a nice reminder after a weigh in that says “but it’s okay, because you need to gain this weight in order to heal”

It simply spits out a number, and almost every woman I know has associated their value with some number they think they should be.

I even have a number in the back of my mind, from a day where I starved myself, lost my period, and lost my joy for life to be that number.

And because I have chosen not to weigh myself, not knowing how close or far I am from that number has been an incredible weight off my shoulders.

I’ve spent the last two years focusing on far more important things - my temperatures, my pulses, my ovulations, my periods (which have gotten much better and are now completely pain-free), my mood, my libido, having daily bowel movements, etc.

If I had chosen to focus on the scale as my metric for healing progress and the judge of my self worth, I truly don’t know if I’d be where I am today.

Choosing not to weigh myself for my value and health has released me from anxiety, depression, and self-hatred. And I’m never going back!


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