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Tooth Grinding + Jaw Clenching: A serious mineral deficiency and stress disorder

If you’re reading this… UNCLENCH YOUR JAW!

You were clenching, weren’t you?!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but clenching your jaw/grinding your teeth is a SERIOUS ISSUE.

NOT SOMETHING TO BE IGNORED just because you “feel like” it isn’t impacting your immediate health! Truth be told, it is.

Bruxism (teeth grinding) and jaw clenching clenching means that you are probably dealing with massive amounts of either active stress, or stored/unprocessed trauma.

We know how stress and trauma impact our health, and even though tooth grinding/jaw clenching can seem insignificant/easy to ignore, it’s a sign our body is giving to BEG US to relieve the burden we are carrying.

This repetitive stress - clench - grind cycle is not only damaging our teeth, leading to headaches and other symptoms (swipe to learn), but it’s also KEEPING us perpetually stressed, because our jaw and body is constantly tense.

IT’S ALSO A SIGN OF MINERAL DEFICIENCY. As an HTMA practitioner, I see mineral deficiency all day every day, so this isn’t a surprise. Almost everyone is chronically deficient in important minerals.

Swipe ➡️ to learn about how teeth grinding/jaw clenching is impacting your health, and what you can do about it.

Here’s some accounts I recommend following:

@drstevenlin - a functional dentist + author of The Dental Diet

@blodgettdentalcare - a biological dentist with phenomenal info

@livingrootswellness - for trauma + stress support

@Bianca.selflove - for trauma + stress support

@healwithmandy - for trauma + stress support


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