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The year is 2023.

Winter is biologically not the time to be setting goals, going hard, hitting the gym at 5am, and busting our butts to start accomplishing our New Years resolutions.

Yet that’s all we’re seeing on our feeds these days.

But what if our goals are slowing down and softening instead of “going harder” and “being stronger”? Those kind of goals make a lot more sense for our biological needs at this time.

I saw a post or a quote once that said something like “I’m not impressed with how busy you are”.

It really is true. Being busy and not having time for the important things in life is getting a lot less impressive and a lot more sad.

We were NOT created for nonstop work, activities, on-the-go meals, acting and living the same year-round, not slowing down in the winter, etc.

I would argue that very little about our modern life is normal at all.

So instead of being stronger this year, how are you softening? What habits are you letting go of that haven’t been serving you or have been keeping you on the hamster wheel of working more, wanting more, and spending more?

And yes, I know we can’t fully escape everything that isn’t designed for us. That is part of living in the modern world. We can’t all just quit our jobs, go buy land and chickens, etc. I understand that!

But we can do small things every day to slow down and focus on things that are more important.


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