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The Root Cause of Bloating

So you’re bloated all the time. Have you ever thought about WHY you’re bloated?

It’s confusing right? It seems like everyone else eats like you, and they’re fine. Maybe your best friend or sister eats “worse” than you, but they never seem to have problems.

So what’s the deal? Why do you look 4 months pregnant after *everything* you eat, and why can’t you have regular BMs to save your life?

Usually, because there’s an underlying bacterial and/or fungal infection going on in your small intestine (see my post on Feb 16th that talks more about this).

But guess what? It goes even FURTHER than this.

The root of the problem is NOT the bacterial/fungal infection such as SIBO or Candida. These are just giving us a clue that more is going on underneath.

So we STILL have to go deeper. We have to look at WHAT about the ENVIRONMENT of your body is allowing this overgrowth to take place.

Here’s some common conditions that are likely the true root cause of your bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and all the other *lovely* GI symptoms you live with on the daily:

1️⃣ Estrogen Dominance. Excess estrogens can “…delay gastric emptying and motility” ( Since most women suffer from estrogen dominance due to the crazy levels of xenoestrogens we’re exposed to in things like cooking pans, plastics, perfumes, makeup, etc…. this makes sense.

2️⃣Under-active thyroid, or Hypothyroidism. “Hypothyroid can reduce the activity within the gastrointestinal tract, slowing the migrating motor complexes that trigger peristalsis.”

So when it comes to treating the bloating and gas, here’s what doesn’t work:

❌Indefinite restrictive diets/long-term restrictive diets

❌A round of antibiotics without supporting the hormone imbalance/thyroid dys-regulation

❌A magical supplement

This is why I created Intensive Healing Bootcamp. IHB addresses the UNDERLYING cause. The very root cause. We start there and work our way back. If you’re ready to truly heal and understand your body, then IHB might be right for you!


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