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The Prenatal Problem: Why I don't recommend prenatals or multivitamins.


I don’t take a prenatal or multivitamin, and here’s why ➡️

For some, especially those who are pregnant or are trying to conceive, this can seem terrifying. We’ve had it absolutely pounded into our head that to prepare our bodies for pregnancy, we need to take a prenatal vitamin.

We have been conditioned to believe that a magical pill has us covered. Meaning that it not only fills in all of our nutritional gaps, but it protects us from all the junk food we want to eat, too.

Essentially, a prenatal is telling us we can have our cake and eat it too. And that’s just not the truth.

Isn’t it more terrifying to put all your faith and trust in one little capsule, and completely ignore your diet, eat fast food, use toxic skincare and household products, and just hope for the best? And think you’re totally good because you’re taking a supplement?

The answer is yes, but that’s not what you’ll hear from the mainstream health community.

I personally find it sad that we’ve been tricked into thinking that taking a supplement and turning our nutrition over to supplement company is the healthiest thing we can do.

The best thing we can do is make it a priority to get as many of our vitamins and minerals from real, Whole Foods.


Although I am not pregnant and do not have any children yet, I am not taking a prenatal to prepare my body for pregnancy, and I won’t be taking one during pregnancy either.

I will be sharing a lot more information on this topic in my stories, from women who are pregnant/have children and have opted not to take a prenatal. I will also add it to a highlight called “prenatals”.

**As always, this is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE** always consult your doctor.


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