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The idea behind supporting your metabolism or eating "pro-metabolic" is simple

Taking it back to the basics today because I think it can get really easy to over-complicate things if we’re not careful. Or if we lose sight of the mission of what we’re trying to accomplish with metabolism-supportive eating in the first place.

When eating “pro-metabolic” AKA eating in a way that just best supports your body to perform at the highest level for you, the mission is exactly that - continuously flooding the body with bio-available, easy-to-digest nutrients.

One of my friends shared a screenshot the other day of a DM that she got where someone talked about “having to stop the pro-metabolic diet because it wasn’t working for her”

I felt so sad for this girl because I think the only thing that wasn’t working was the confusion, but that confusion really doesn’t need to be there in the first place!

Eating or following "pro-metabolic" principles and prioritizing nutrient-dense foods that fuel your body's metabolism is not a diet. It's just simply the way you should eat if you want to properly support your body and health.

I think it’s safe to say that all of us want our bodies to function at the highest possible level, so therefore, it makes sense to feed our body at the highest possible level on a regular basis.


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