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Swap Your Dehydrated Water For...

Is your water dehydrated? PROBABLY!

Basically, unless you have a very fancy water filter that removes all the junk + adds minerals BACK into your water, you are drinking dehydrated water. (See my post from February 22nd to learn more).

Drinking dehydrated water - especially the mainstream recommendation of drinking like a gallon a day- is very counterproductive. If your water is devoid of minerals and you are frequently urinating because of how much you drink, you’re losing minerals hand over fist.

And TRUST ME, I used to be that girl. I was drowning myself in water every day, peeing 10+ times per day, and thinking I was doing the right thing. It just lead to mineral depletion + water *terrible* water retention.

Instead of drinking scary amounts of water, try swapping your dehydrated water for:

✅Bone Broth - contains calcium + potassium, protein, collagen and glycine

✅Adrenal Cocktail - a mineral bomb with tons of potassium

✅Mineral/Herbal Teas - red raspberry leaf is one of my favorites for female cycle support. I also love nettle as a great source of minerals

✅Filtered water with Salt + Lemon - if I’m going to drink water, I add salt and lemon to increase mineral content. I also add @tracemineralsresearch trace mineral drops for magnesium

✅Juices + Juice/Tea Mixes - @noellekovary has a great recipe for a detox tea that includes cranberry juice and nettles. I also like to combine juices such as cranberry, orange, guava, with teas like red raspberry leaf.

✅Raw Milk/Chocolate Milk - raw milk is a phenomenal source of calcium. Adding a scoop of cacao powder also adds magnesium + a little potassium. And it’s delish!

✅Coffee & Tea Elixirs with collagen, honey/maple syrup, raw egg yolk, cream, etc. - there’s so many benefits to making elixirs with coffee, tea, adaptogenic, herbs, etc. They are a great source of bio-available minerals + vitamins.

The ENTIRE PURPOSE of drinking water is to replenish your body with minerals. Don’t let those confusing diet culture rules of chugging dehydrated water confuse you.

True hydration comes from adequate mineral consumption! Cheers & drink up! 🥂


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