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Supplements Are Shortcuts

PSA: 99% of supplements are a shortcut.

Short cuts are great, until they cut you short.

How does a supplement cut you short?

Because unfortunately, they have been marketed as a “get out of jail free” card, and a “cure all”.

Meaning: they’ve been disguised as this magical shortcut that frees you from the responsibility of properly nourishing your body, because your multivitamin or your prenatal is doing that for you.

Supplement companies have created this narrative that you can eat nutrient-poor foods and it’s all fine, because you’re covered! You took your prenatal this morning!

We easily forget that there’s one major problem with most supplements: THEIR INGREDIENTS.

Ingredients in most “catch all” supplements like multivitamins + prenatals are often very difficult for the body to absorb and utilize. Some of the ingredients even do more harm than good (like vitamin c as ascorbic acid)!

So sure, we’re ingesting our nutrients in pill or powder form, but that’s about all that means. We’re totally glazing over the fact that our body may not be utilizing these “nutrients” at all, and that the nutrients may not be the quality we’ve been lead to believe.

For these reasons, I don’t take a multivitamin or a prenatal. I get my nourishment from food, and a few targeted, intentional supplements.

I know this is confusing (and goes against everything that you’ve been told), but hang with me.

*not medical advice*


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