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Superfood Showdown: Chia Seeds vs. Oysters

SUPERFOOD SHOWDOWN! Chia Seeds vs. Oysters!

Who is the real superfood here? Who is the imposter? Swipe through ➡️ to find out!

True story… I used to eat overnight chia pudding for breakfast every. single. day. I would soak the chia seeds in almond milk overnight, and top it with absolutely horrifying amounts of almond or peanut butter. Even though my body was SCREAMING at me to stop, I just kept on going because “cHiA sEEds aRe SuPeRfooDs” 🥴 right?!

I think it’s time we take a closer look and question these so called “superfoods”…

When a supposed “superfood” has the ability to ravage your gut, slow down digestion, create a great environment for SIBO, and makes you so bloated you look pregnant, it’s time to call in the jury and put that imposter through trial.

I’m curious… did you ever eat copious amounts of chia seeds like I did?! Let me know how that worked out for you! ⬇️

And also… let me know what superfood showdown you want to see next. Kale vs. liver? Beans vs. collagen/gelatin? Pea protein vs. whey protein? This series could get really fun 😂


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