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Sunlight is a medicinal gift from God. Safe sun exposure should be a part of everyone's health

The sun is one of my favorite healing modalities God has provided us.

It’s free, beautiful, and WARM. What’s not to love?

Sadly, the sun (just like most other good things) has been demonized by the “health” police, and become a source of fear and confusion. Much like saturated fats, animal products, and sugar.

That’s just another one of the lies, lies, and lies on top of lies - as Aretha Franklin so perfectly stated 🤣

Now that we’re heading into summer, we can start *safely* exposing ourselves to sun, and rebuild our depleted vitamin D stores from winter.

If you’re new to sun exposure, it’s recommended that you start VERY VERY SLOWLY. Usually only about 10 minutes total at at time is recommended. I personally don’t exceed 20-30 minutes of sunbathing per day in the summer. I also live at 8000ft elevation, so it’s going to be different for me and different for everyone.

As hard as we try, we can never replicate the sun. Self-tanners (literally all of them - @jessicaashwellness has a great post on this), and tanning beds are a dangerous “replacement” for something that doesn’t need to be replaced at all.

Again, I find that going back to God’s design is always where we find true healing and also just the truth about what’s really good and what’s really meant for us.

I hope everyone has a beautiful summer soaking up the sun safely! I know I will be!

More information on this topic can be found in my “Vitamin D/Sunlight” highlight.

AS ALWAYS: NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. Consult with your doctor.


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