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Sugar is good for me.

Two things that consistently seem to trip people up when they find my page are: sugar being good for you, and why I don’t recommend consuming high amounts of PUFAs/completely avoiding seed oils + seed cycling.

Today, we’re tackling sugar.

I was the NUMBER ONE sugar hater for years. I went about 3 years switching from keto, to low carb/no sugar, back to keto. And I ate low carb from 2014 - 2020ish (6 YEARS!).

I used to drink chocolate milk with just almond milk and cacao powder (no sweetener at all 🤢), I used stevia in every.thing., and I even took it as far as not eating fruits or root-vegetables due to the higher sugar content of those foods.

I was terrified of sugar in all forms, and even made a post called “sugar = stress” in 2020. Lol. Oh how the turn tables! Little did I know that sugar and the nutrient-dense foods containing sugar would be one of the keys to healing my body.

When I was avoiding sugar I was *extremely* inflamed, my endometriosis was at its worst, and I was very deficient in important nutrients and minerals because I was avoiding so many mineral-rich, nutrient-dense foods that contained sugar.

Cutting sugar did NOT help me lose weight. In fact, I was the heaviest and puffiest I had even been when I was on keto, AIP, and low-carb paleo.

Many of us have lived through the demonization of saturated fat (which is still in full swing), and now sugar has joined the list. What other real food are they going to demonize next? Protein? Oh wait, they already are (with all push for plant-based meats and vegan diets).

I’ve consistently found what works best is just eating real foods that God created.

Also, remember that anything in excess is never good. I never recommend eating sugar alone (“naked carbs”), without pairing it with protein. I never recommend consuming sugar with lots of PUFAs or seed oils (I don’t recommend those in general), I always recommend consuming a high quality source, and I recommend that the majority comes from fruits & vegetables like sweet potatoes, potatoes, winter squashes, etc.

See my sugar highlight for more!

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