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Stop expecting your body to feel and behave the same way in the winter as it does in the summer

I know, I know. I just posted about winter, and all the changes you’re probably experiencing now that we’re in the thick of it. ❄️

But, I’m posting about winter again, because I’m noticing a common theme with my clients and with the women in my membership.

Every day, @wildlyonswellness and I are getting questions about things like dry skin, itchy skin, changes to sleep patterns, changes to workout and movements habits, etc.

I have even had these thoughts myself… “why is ____ happening to me right now?”

Let’s not forget the massive shift our bodies just went through, adjusting from summer to winter. Winter and Summer are polar opposites of each other.

This means we’re probably going to notice some big shifts & changes in our bodies, feelings, motivations, desires, and energy levels.

If you’re experiencing a shift or symptom in your body right now, try not to stress about it. Your body IS shifting, so a symptom or two popping up, now that it’s dark and cold all the time, isn’t all that surprising.

Your body is adjusting. Using supportive tools to help your body get through winter is about all we can do right now.

We’re in this together! I’m trying hard to enjoy winter this season instead of wish it away.


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