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Restrictive diets and calorie counting SCREWS UP YOUR METABOLISM.

✨Metabolism series, Part 3: restrictive diets and calorie counting SCREWS UP YOUR METABOLISM and can ONLY be fixed by eating consistently!

Want to see proof? Scroll down to the bottom to see my metabolic-oppressive journey for yourself.

One of the biggest requests I get from my clients when they sign up for IHB is not to gain weight, not to lose weight, but to just be able to maintain a solid and predictable weight.

The good news is that this just isn’t hard. All it takes is honoring your body by feeding it regularly, feeding it enough, and stop all restriction of macronutrient food groups like fat and carbs.

When you DON’T support your metabolism, it can lead to a lot of very serious and very uncomfortable symptoms/conditions:

1️⃣Bloating/gas/burping/constipation/diarrhea: when you’re not eating enough, production of stomach acid slows down. Therefore, your food sits in your digestive tract for long periods of time, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to overgrow and cause all those terrible symptoms.

2️⃣Hormonal Imbalances: down-regulating your metabolism leads to lower body temperatures. Lower body temperatures constantly remind your body that you’re in a stressed state, and that it’s not a good time to focus on reproduction (whether or not you want to reproduce, you need your reproductive hormones to be healthy if you want to be healthy).

3️⃣Unpredictable weight and feeling like you gain weight easily: it should NOT be a stressor for us to maintain a consistently healthy weight. This isn’t something we should even have to think about. But when we deprive ourselves of food and then go through binge/restrict cycles, this creates weight fluctuations and easy weight gain.

Are you supporting your metabolism? Part 4 of the metabolism series will teach you how to do it, and that it’s really a lot easier than you think.


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