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Reminder: You Attract What You Visualize

As women, we have been scared for a long time.

Scared that we’re not going to get our periods back. Scared that we’re not going to get pregnant. Scared that we’re not doing enough things. Scared we’re not taking enough supplements. Scared that we harmed our bodies “too much” to heal. Scared of dairy. Scared of sugar.

We’re so SCARED. We’re so fearful. And we’re stressing the f out of ourselves in the process.

The thing is… this fear is totally valid. It’s easy to understand WHY we’re so scared. *Cough cough* careless comments from doctors, not being listened to, being dismissed, told we’re “totally fine” as we feel like we’re dying inside, told our bloodwork looks “perfect” when we’re suffering, etc.

We didn’t just come up with this fear out of nowhere. It’s been engrained in us and has been a part of our personal narrative and inner dialogues for a long, long time.

The fear is understandable, but we can no longer allow it to live in our bodies. Our thoughts take up residence in our bodies and impact our health deeply.

Yes, food is important. Sometimes supplements are important.

But you know what’s more important?

Your inner dialogue. How you picture yourself. How you visualize the food you’re eating nourishing your body. If your thoughts are poisonous, your body will suffer.

So I challenge you… write down a list of all the things you’re scared of. Change each fear into a positive affirmation. Say those positive affirmations to yourself every time you feel yourself slip back into negativity and fear.

Visualize you food nourishing your body. Visualize your womb full of light and nourishment if you are pregnant. Visualize that bone broth healing your gut. Visualize that raw liver nourishing every cell on every level.

Do it over & over until you believe it. Eventually, you will. I truly believe you cannot heal without this.

As important as it is… it’s never just the about the food.


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