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Recipe for a Thriving Metabolism!

✨Metabolism series, Part 4: recipe for a THRIVING metabolism!

Here’s 5️⃣ things you can do right now to start supporting your metabolism:

1️⃣Eat every 3-4ish hours to keep that body fueled, energized, and not stressed. Fun fact: you can check the science here on yourself by using a thermometer after you’ve eaten. Your body temps should rise after eating, and body temps should be in the 98+ ish range to indicate healthy metabolism (if your temp goes down after eating, that means you ate something your body doesn’t like - more on this later)

2️⃣Eat HIGH QUALITY sources and balanced amounts of protein, fats, and carbs. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF CARBS OR FAT. Always be sure to pair your carbs with fats and/or proteins. Eating carbs by themselves causes an instant spike in blood sugar followed shortly by a crash. Snack ideas: Banana & hardboiled eggs, epic bar & orange, sliced turkey + gelatin gummies (recipe coming soon). Sautéed apples & yogurt or coconut yogurt.

3️⃣Support minerals! Minerals are one of the most ignored factors when it comes to our health, and this needs to change. To start, DITCH TAP WATER ASAP. For so many reasons, but this water is devoid of minerals and full of chemicals. I recommend sprinkling some @redmondrealsalt + squeezing some lemon into your water to start your day. Mineral drops are also helpful, so is @redmondrealsalt electrolyte powder. And if you are a human alive on this earth today, esp a woman, you probably need a magnesium supplement and I recommend @nutrigoldusa (check with practitioner first)

4️⃣Consuming large quantities of nuts, nut flours, nut milks, and processed/junk/fast foods with poor quality oils like canola, soybean, safflower, sunflower, etc. lead to inflammation in the body and are especially harmful to hormones. I recommend limiting these/completely removing these during healing. The paleo world has normalized it to have nuts in some form with every meal and that is truly crazy and delaying healing!

5️⃣Take some deep breaths, slow down, do some YouTube yoga, unfollow triggering people on IG. Do what you need to do to mute the confusing and redundant noise of the health world because a lot of it’s BS 🙃


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