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Recipe for a Digestive Nightmare

Why are the diet industry’s favorite “healthy” foods wreaking havoc on your digestive tract?

News flash: we’re not cows. Contrary to popular vegan propaganda’s lies, we actually are NOT herbivores and cannot digest endless amounts of vegetables and grasses. And thinking that we can and should be eating like herbivores is WRECKING our digestive systems.

Second, just because these foods may have some good nutrients (which all depends on the soil they were grown in - and most soil is devoid of nutrients) DOES NOT MEAN that we are retaining all of those nutrients.

Some of the above are SO hard to digest and absorb that the nutrient value we obtain from them pales in comparison to the strain they put on our GI tract.

One thing all of these foods have in common is fiber. Fiber has its benefits, but can also make digestion a nightmare for anyone struggling with GI symptoms. SWIPE ➡️ to take a closer look!

I’m not saying ANY of the above foods are “bad”. If you have *perfect* digestion, feel free to ignore this post. This post is for women who are struggling big time, feel like they can’t eat anything without feeling miserable, and are trying to understand why.

Lastly, the most nutrient-dense foods are typically found in animal products. We can get all the nutrients (and more) we need from a diet balanced in high-quality meat & dairy, organ meats, bone broth, fruit, easy-to-digest veggies, etc.

See my post from January 28th talking about the most nutrient-dense foods that you should include in your diet.

If you swapped these digestive nightmares for more nutrient-dense foods from my post on Jan 28, I bet you’d see a difference in a few days or less.

Try it & let me know!


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