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Oysters - Nature's Best Multivitamin

WHY are oysters all the rage right now!?

Well, because they’re one of nature’s best multivitamins, but let’s dive even deeper. I think understanding why we’re eating the foods we’re eating (or should be eating) is critical to our healing process.

Let’s take a look:

1️⃣ZINC - Oysters are one of (if not THE most) bio-available sources of zinc out there. Bio-availability just refers to our body’s ability to use/absorb the nutrients in the food we’re eating.

Zinc encourages the pituitary gland to stimulate FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), which is needed for ovulation. Zinc supports a healthy immune system and healthy skin. Zinc is required for mental development, and zinc deficiency during pregnancy can cause birth defects. Oral BC depletes zinc, so if you’ve ever been on the pill, you’re gonna want some oysters in your diet ASAP.

2️⃣VITAMIN B12 (cobalamin) - B12 is needed to maintain fertility, and for growth and development. The ONLY bio-available source is animal products. (Sorry vegans, our bodies can’t utilize and absorb vitamin B12 from plant or synthetic sources). Oysters are a great place to get your vitamin B12.

3️⃣COPPER - we need copper for SO. MANY. FUNCTIONS in the body, but no one pays much attention to copper. Let’s change that. We need copper for the formation of bones, for a healthy immune system, and the formation of collagen in the body. We need it to product Thyroid Regulating Hormone (TRH). Copper is needed for ceruloplasmin production, which is (among other thing), a powerful antioxidant.

4️⃣SELENIUM - another important antioxidant. It’s been known to protect against radiation (which we are inundated with from cell phones and wifi EMFs). We need it for pancreatic function, and heart disease is associated with selenium deficiency.

Most of us, unless we’re REALLY intentional about it, have diets pretty deficient in nutrient-dense foods. We can change that by adding some super super foods into our diets like oysters.

If you can’t get fresh oysters, canned oysters are a good option. I like crown prince smoked oysters.

If you REALLY can’t do oysters @mitolife has desiccated oyster supplements.

& you only need them 1-2 times per week!


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