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Over-exercising, IMO, is without a doubt the NUMBER ONE area where women are absolutely killing their health.

Do any of these describe your workout routine?

✅6am workouts

✅Fasted workouts

✅Running multiple days per week (or at all, honestly 😅)

✅HIIT workouts all day every day

✅Working out during your period (I cringe)

✅Intense working out while you’re TTC or newly pregnant

✅Intense working out while you’re in the depths of your healing journey

What I’ve learned from working with clients and talking with different women in my DMs, is that there is a deep, very complex, almost twisted relationship that women have with working out.

I’ve had clients choose not to work with me or even stop working with me because I’ve told them it would be smart to stop the crazy gym routine if they want to heal and see results. They don’t want to hear it. There is a deeeeep emotional tie here.

What I really want these women to ask themselves is why? Why are you doing this? Because society says it’s good? Because diet culture says it’s good? Because your doctor said it’s okay? It doesn’t matter WHO says it’s good or okay or even “healthy”. If your body is giving you obvious signs that it’s not working for you, WHY are you still doing it?

I believe it was Einstein (don’t quote me on this) that said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you’re trying to heal from hormonal imbalances, gut imbalances, overall dis-ease and you’re not seeing improvements, but you won’t give up intense workouts - WHY?

If you’re trying to get pregnant and can’t, but you won’t give up you intense workouts - WHY?

If you’re extremely stressed with your job, financial state, health, relationships, or ANY form of extreme stress that you can’t get a break from, but you won’t give up your intense workouts - WHY?


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