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Not enough protein is doing you dirty. Here's how you can get enough.

Ahh protein. The biggest missing gap in most women’s nutrition journey, almost ever.

Often times, when I start with a new client, and she’s eating 60-70 grams of protein A DAY 🤯 THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ENOUGH!

I recommend to my clients to consume about 0.8 - 1.2g of protein per pound of lean body weight (of course this varies depending on activity level, fitness goals, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.).

As an example, I am 5’2”, somewhere around 120lbs, and I have a muscular build. I get around 115g of protein on an average day. The examples in this post are real life examples of protein intake for me in a day.

Now when it comes to protein, as you will see in the examples, I only use animal sources. Why? Because *the only* bioavailable forms of protein are from animal sources.

You can eat all the plant protein you want - lentils, beans, pea protein powder, tofu (😷), etc. , and your body just isn’t going to absorb and utilize it the same way it will utilize animal protein.

The reason this is the case is because first, God designed our bodies in the most intelligent way - to only be able to absorb and utilize the most efficient and easiest-to-digest food sources so we don’t expend more calories and more digestive effort on minimally-beneficial food sources.

Second, it comes down to the amino acids in the protein sources, specifically an amino acid called Leucine. (Swipe to slide 6 to understand the importance of Leucine).

So when it comes to protein, animal sources are best, and you need to be sure you’re getting enough every day, end of story.


*These are NOT examples of whole days of eating, just protein examples. You will still need to get carbs and sugars from other sources*

*These are not guaranteed to be perfectly exact amounts. I used the website to put these together as a guideline*

*Not medical advice*

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